ENERGETIC, an innovative artificial intelligence-based approach to improve battery energy storage

Facilitating grid flexibility through energy storage is crucial for accommodating higher levels of renewable penetration, ushering in a more electrified and decarbonised society through the repurposing of second-life batteries.

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Pioneering AI-Driven Battery Management for a Decarbonised Europe

Safer, Smarter Batteries through Advanced BMS and AI

ENERGETIC project aims to develop the next generation BMS for optimizing batteries’ systems utilization in the first (transport) and the second life (stationary) in a path towards more reliable, powerful, and safer operations. ENERGETIC project contributes to the field of translational enhanced sensing technologies, exploiting multiple Artificial Intelligence models, supported by Edge and Cloud computing. ENERGETIC’s vision not only encompasses monitoring and prognosis the remaining useful life of a Li-ion battery with a digital twin, but also encompasses diagnosis by scrutinizing the reasons for degradation through investigating the explainable AI models.

To develop and embed low-cost sensors which provide new physical information to the BMS

To design a hardware abstraction layer platform

To develop multiphysics modelling tools to continuously assess the SoX and RUL of Li-battery

To develop AI based models for explainable SoX prediction

To design an innovative, connected and smart DT based BMS

To make recommendations for future standard for predictive maintenance in the Cloud

To demonstrate and validate the ENERGETIC innovative smart DT based BMS

To facilitate the uptake and exploitation of ENERGETIC results by the academic community

ENERGETIC, Next-Gen Battery Tech for Europe 2050

ENERGETIC is at the forefront of revolutionizing energy solutions, driven by the European Green Deal’s targets for a sustainable future. This project focuses on cost-effective energy storage to enhance grid flexibility, facilitate higher renewable energy integration, and forge a decarbonized society.

Through innovative battery management systems (BMS) and work package organization, ENERGETIC’s consortium brings together the necessary expertise to overcome challenges, creating a roadmap towards a cleaner, electrified tomorrow. Join us in redefining energy paradigms and propelling Europe towards a greener horizon!

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