ENERGETIC showcased at AABC Europe

The AABC Europe (Advanced Automotive Battery Conference) brings together a global audience of battery technologists and their key suppliers for a week of development trends, breakthrough technologies and predictions of the market for years to come. As European nations and international automotive OEMs invest in their commitment to vehicle electrification and eMobility, the 2024 event in Strasbourg contributed to propelling that momentum forward, presenting unparalleled coverage of the research and development that helps drive outcomes and supports the next generation of electric vehicle batteries.

In 2024, this must-attend event was held in Strasbourg from May 13 to 16, propelling global efforts towards vehicle electrification and electric mobility. It offered unrivaled coverage of the research and developments shaping the future of batteries for electric vehicles, creating an ideal platform for exchanges between researchers, engineers and industrialists. These discussions provided an opportunity to debate technological advances and future directions for the sector.

Our INSA Strasbourg electrical engineering research team, representing EM3 (Electronics, Microelectronics and Modeling for Multidomain Systems, formerly SMH) of the ICube laboratory, took an active part in this event. We had the opportunity to present three papers: two posters and an oral presentation. The presentations highlighted work on the “ENERGETIC Horizon Europe Project: Next-generation Battery Management System based on the Digital Twin”. The presentations were given by the project’s scientific coordinator, Tedjani Mesbahi, a teacher-researcher at INSA Strasbourg and member of the ICube laboratory, and by Cyrine Soufi, a first-year doctoral student.

Tedjani Mesbahi also took part in a panel discussion on battery engineering, covering topics such as improving battery safety, cell engineering and battery management systems. These discussions are essential for the development of higher-performance, safer batteries.

Aditionally, a highlight of this year’s event was the poster presentation entitled “Digital Battery Passport as an Enabler of Environmental Impact Assessment in EV Applications” by Cyrine Soufi. This presentation highlighted the importance of digital battery passports in assessing the environmental impact of batteries.

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