Annual Consortium Meeting for Project ENERGETIC: A Resounding Success in Novi Sad

3rd and 4th of July, Novi Sad, Serbia

The vibrant city of Novi Sad recently played host to the annual consortium meeting of the ENERGETIC project, bringing together leading minds and innovators from across Europe. This pivotal event, held on July 3rd and 4th, 2024, marked a significant milestone in our collective journey towards pioneering sustainable energy solutions.

Day 1: Engaging Discussions and Strategic Planning

The first day kicked off with an informal lunch at Kombinat Garden, where attendees had the chance to network in a relaxed setting, setting the tone for a collaborative and fruitful meeting. By early afternoon, the formal proceedings began with a warm welcome from the chair and representative from Typhoon HIL, Nikola Lučić. Our meeting took place in a beautifull setting at the Pupin Hotel, in the city center of Novi Sad.

As the clock struck 13:45, the consortium seamlessly moved into the approval of previous minutes, quickly establishing a foundation of agreement and shared understanding. Shortly after, the introduction of the Advisory Board members, the consortium laying the groundwork for the day’s intensive discussions.

The heart of the afternoon was dedicated to exploring the progress and future directions of the project’s various work packages. The journey began with an insightful dive into the world of sensors and data collection, where the team shared exciting updates and addressed potential challenges. This was followed by a deep exploration into the intricacies of multiphysics batteries modeling, revealing the sophisticated interplay between physics and innovation. The discussion on data models for Li-ion batteries then shed light on the crucial data-driven approaches that are shaping our understanding of battery technology.

After a brief coffee break, the consortium reconvened with renewed vigor. The concept of a digital twin-based Battery Management System (BMS) with hybrid AI took center stage, showcasing the cutting-edge technologies driving ENERGETIC forward. The focus then shifted to the innovative predictive maintenance strategies facilitated by the Battery Cloud, followed by an engaging session on the first and second life assessments of batteries, highlighting the project’s commitment to sustainability.

The day culminated with an in-depth discussion on communication, dissemination, and exploitation strategies. The team brainstormed on enhancing visibility through web and social media channels, setting ambitious KPIs, and planning for future conferences and meetings. This session underscored the importance of effectively sharing our groundbreaking work with the broader community.

As the sun set over Novi Sad, participants embarked on a city tour, starting at the historic Cathedral in Trg Slobode. The evening concluded with a delightful dinner at Loft Basta (Loft Garden), where conversations flowed freely, and connections were strengthened.

Day 2: Collaborative Efforts and Future Planning

The second day commenced early at the THIL New York conference room, where the focus shifted to project management and coordination. The morning session provided a comprehensive overview of deliverables, milestones, financial updates, and necessary grant agreement amendments. This transparent and structured approach ensured everyone was aligned and prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Collaborative round tables then provided a dynamic space for partners to engage deeply with each other, fostering cross-collaboration among work packages. These sessions were interspersed with a coffee break, allowing for informal interactions and spontaneous idea exchanges.

As the meeting drew to a close, a final wrap-up session captured the essence of the collaborative efforts, reinforcing the shared commitment to ENERGETIC’s ambitious goals. A tour of the lab followed, offering attendees a firsthand look at the cutting-edge technologies being developed and sparking inspiration for future innovations.

The event concluded with a lunch at THIL, where participants reflected on the achievements of the past two days and looked forward to the exciting journey ahead.

Looking Ahead

The annual consortium meeting in Novi Sad was a resounding success, fostering deep collaboration and setting the stage for the next phases of the ENERGETIC project. We look forward to the continued progress and innovative breakthroughs that will undoubtedly arise from this dedicated and passionate consortium.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow our journey towards a sustainable energy future on our website and social media channels.

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